Grilling in Corn Husks

grilled corn huskAnyone who has ever tasted corn on the cob grilled in its own husks knows that there is no other way to cook the corn on the cob. So if the husk makes for a good wrap for the corn, it makes perfectly good sense that other foods can be wrapped and grilled in them as well. Corn husks are readily available in the summer months and are easier to work with when compared to other methods of making grilling packets.

Choosing the husk

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How to Deal with Flare-Ups

Flare UpsNo matter how skilled you are at grilling, flare-ups happen from time to time. Even though the sight of sky-high flames shooting out of your grill can be terrifying, you can get a grip on them. Learning to extinguish flare-ups quickly and preventing them from reoccurring makes grilling more fun and leads to better tasting meat.

What Causes Flare Ups?
Excessive flames are caused by a variety of reasons, but typically occur when meat juice drips down into the gas flame or the charcoal. These juices contain high levels of fat and continue to burn much like a candle. Other causes of flare-ups include windy conditions or using wooden skewers without soaking them.

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Making Great Jerky On A Smoker

beef jerky smoked
Photo by Andrea Nguyen

One of the best things about owning a smoker is the versatility. Just about any meat can be smoked and made into bacon, sausage, and jerky. Jerky is a great way to conserve tougher parts of meat not normally used and it’s perfect for snacks or as a high protein source of energy.

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