How to grill Lobster

For many boiled lobster is a treat. But there is another way to cook lobster that gives it a smoky flavor that is unique and tasty. Cooking lobsters on the grill is easy and quick. Once you learn how to grill lobster you will be enjoying it much more often.

Get a lobster that is about 2 pounds in weight. Obviously, a live lobster is the freshest but frozen and defrosted lobster tail will work as well.

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Low Carb BBQ

If you are trying to stick to a low carb lifestyle, you may be pretty well aware of how hard it can be to get some variety in your food. Since BBQ recipes typically call for meats and vegetables, this style of cooking really does fit right in with your lifestyle.

There are some basics to keep in mind when you are trying to combine the BBQ and a low carb lifestyle. You will unfortunately have to give up adding the potato and corn to any of your BBQ creations. However, that should not really be a problem because you can use many different low carb vegetables instead of potatoes and corn.

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How To Cook the Best BBQ Shrimp Ever

Shrimp is always a crowd pleasure no matter how it’s served. But there’s nothing more unique than the aromas and flavors of good Bar-B-Que shrimp. Making the best Bar-B-Que shrimp ever is quicker and easier than most people imagine. By following the steps below, you can prepare delectable tasting shrimp that will garner rave reviews.

First, a brief explanation about the difference between grilling and Bar-B-Queing. Grilling is generally done on an outside grill using a propane heat source. While grilling will adequately cook your shrimp, it lacks the flavors that Bar-B-Que briquettes add to the meat. Charcoal briquettes create a unique, smoky flavor and can now be purchased with hickory or mesquite chips pressed into the charcoal, which adds even greater depths to the flavors. Bar-B-Que grills may take longer to bring up to heat, but they are worth the wait.

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