Barbecue Tips to Make Your Grilled Vegetables Delicious

If you follow some basics when grilling vegetables, you’ll have your guests asking for your secret! Most people won’t believe their smoky, sweet flavor. Grilling vegetables is so easy and rewarding that you’ll include them on your menu every time you grill.

So Where Do You Start?

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Grilling Tips – How to Grill Pork Chops

Grilled pork chops can be one of the most flavorful meats to come off of your grill. With a few tips you can turn mild tasting pork into a tasty meal.

There are several cuts of pork chops to choose from. There are sirloin or rib chops with or without the bone. If the chops are too think they will end up dry and tough. For the grill choose chops that are about 1 inch thick.

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How to Grill Salmon – Tips to Cooking Perfect Salmon

Cooking any kind of fish on the grill can be problematic unless you follow some simple tips. Salmon is a good fish choice for the grill because it is a sturdier fish than some other varieties.

You have several options when choosing salmon for the grill. King (Chinook) salmon is one of the tastiest types of salmon due to its high fat content. The flesh is ranges from pale orange to red. Coho (Silver) salmon have a silvery skin and red flesh. They are not quite as strong tasting as King salmon. Pink salmon is a light peach color and are low fat. Sockeye (red) salmon are a favorite with many because of their reddish orange coloring and intense taste. All of these varieties will work well on a grill.

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