Making Your Own Burgers from Scratch

4627873264_0dbf0c9aca_mIf creating delicious foods from nothing more than your own innovative point of view finds you taunted by spice trays, unusual meat selections and surprise ingredients buried deep within your cupboard, you have come to the right place for making your own burgers from scratch.

Of course, if you aren’t one of those creative types, this is the perfect place to take a little information a long way with some pretty doable burger from scratch ideas. Depending on taste preferences, opinion-worthy, mouthwatering burgers from scratch are only an ingredient or few away. Remember, one man’s burger extravaganza is another man’s burger bust and vice versa. Every ingredient counts as a positive in this “everybody wins” burger-building game. One thing is for sure – every burger should be grill-worthy for the ultimate best-burger claim.

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All about East Carolina Barbecue sauce

East Carolina Barbecue sauceBarbecuing is not only big business in North Carolina, it’s part of the state’s history and heritage. While there are several styles of sauce throughout the south, East Carolina and Lexington are primarily the two Carolina style sauces. These may have originated in the same area, but they are two very different styles of barbecue sauces. The following describes what exactly makes East Carolina Barbecue sauce unique, and different ways to make and use this type of sauce.

East Carolina Sauce
East, or Eastern sauce, is vinegar and pepper based. Unlike Lexington style, there aren’t any ketchup or tomato products added to the sauce. This vinegar based sauce may be one of the oldest sauce recipes in the country. Since vinegar is a crucial ingredient in all East Carolina Barbecue sauces, the types of spices that are added are usually the “secret” ingredients that make each sauce unique. Everything from garlic and nutmeg, to even a touch of whiskey may be part of an old family recipe that’s been used for generations. While there’s literally dozens, perhaps hundreds, of store bought sauces to choose from, it’s better to make your own.

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Planet Barbecue a Great Cook Book

Planet BarbecueMany people, especially Americans, assume that they are the only people in the world who barbecue. In fact, barbeque cooking is a worldwide phenomenon that is practiced by people across the globe. Leave it to best-selling grill expert Steven Raichlen to do the legwork to find all the barbecuing tips and recipes from around the planet.

Raichlen, whose cook books specializing in barbecuing have sold over 4 million copies, visited 60 countries and several continents to gather 309 barbecue recipes which, in his expert opinion, are the best in the world. The resulting cookbook is called “Planet Barbeque!” and it is indeed a world class look at the many ways humans barbecue in countries around the globe. Not only is the book a treasure chest of recipes, but it also features tips and techniques about how to get the best results from your grill as practiced by the world’s best barbecue chefs.

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