Infrared: Good or Gimmick?

There are many types of grills and heating technologies, but perhaps one of the most advanced and mysterious is the infrared grill. Unlike other grills that use a more common heat source, like gas or charcoal, these grills use infrared rays to cook meat and veggies. This technology was originally developed for the auto industry to help dry car paint faster, and it was first used for grilling in the 1960s. While this technology has been around for several decades, it has only recently become popular since the patent expired and now every grill manufacturer can use infrared heating. Is this all smoke and mirrors, or is infrared the way to go?

If there’s only one thing that you understand about infrared grills, then it should be this: these grills are hot. Most grills can reach temperatures around 600 to 700 degrees with some coaxing, but an infrared grill easily reaches temperatures above 1,000 degrees. Not only that, but the heating is very direct.

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What is Bark and How Does It Form on Smoked Meat?

bbq bark
Photo by Evan Cooper

All good barbecue chefs understand the importance of bark to the flavor and enjoyment of smoked meats. While the term bark is becoming more widely used by those outside hardcore barbecue circles, it is still misunderstood by many. The record will be set straight here, and everyone will be better able to understand the vital importance of having good bark on their meat.

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How To Cook Fish On A Stick

cooking fish on a stickMost people today who cook fish use a grill, oven or stove. However, in the ancient times, people would use an open-fire to cook fish because that was the only option that they had. There are several things that you will have to do in order to cook fish over the fire. Below are some tips for cooking fish over the fire:

Get The Fire Started

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