Fighting Mold in Your Smoker or Grill

If you enjoy grilling delicious food on your BBQ like most people, then you know how important it is to properly care for, clean, and maintain your most prized summertime tool. Over time, tar and grease can eventually build up along the bottom of your grill or smoker and make a nasty mess while attracting both bacteria and insects. But, by incorporating a few good housekeeping rules you can help keep your grill or smoker in top form.

Cleaning a Grimy BBQ Smoker

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The Importance of 2-Zone and Indirect Cooking

With spring well under way and summer right around the corner, millions of people are getting ready to fire up their grills and enjoy delicious foods cooked right in their own backyards. However, many people, especially those who are new to grilling, are severely limited by their cooking techniques. Specifically, the common idea of lighting a fire and placing the meat directly on top of it, which is all many people have ever done, limits the types of meats that can be cooked on a grill, as well as how well even common meats will come out. This method, technically known as direct cooking, is great for some meats, but much less effective for others.

Unbeknownst to most people, there are several other methods of grilling. In this article, we will discuss two such methods: 2-zone and indirect grilling. Each of these has its own particular set of advantages over direct cooking in certain situations. While these methods are most commonly employed with charcoal grills, they can be put to use with propane or natural gas grills as well, simply by adjusting the flames and temperatures of the individual burners. As a general rule, larger grills will be better for making use of these cooking methods. However, with careful control, even a small gas or charcoal kettle grill can be set up for either 2-zone or indirect grilling.

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