Rubs, marinades and brining are all great ways to enhance the flavor of meat, but they are very different in both the way that people apply them and the type of taste that they will add. Mastering these methods of seasoning will help people get exactly what they want out of their meat.

• Rubs

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The Best Barbecue Starts with Food Safety

It’s not surprising that party guests who develop Salmonella or E. coli food poisoning take all the fun out of your Sunday barbecue. After all, you’ve probably gone to great lengths to mow the lawn, spruce up the patio and select the finest meats for a delightful meal. Don’t ruin what could be a wonderful gathering by forgetting food safety while barbecuing.

Preventing Foodborne Illnesses

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BBQ on a Budget: 10 Things for the Perfect Cookout

In the wake of Memorial Day weekend, barbecue is on the minds of many Americans. But, for those who simply are passionate about grilling, it’s just another day. For many, though, grilling is something that’s done without much care. Most people will just fire up the grill and throw the food over the fire. For quality barbecue that will help to create an atmosphere of delight, knowing the proper steps and techniques is important.

The first step in grilling is selecting your fuel. There is the choice between charcoal briquettes and lump charcoal. The coals need to be stacked inside the grill in a pyramid shape. This allows the coals to burn evenly without creating unsightly and hazardous smoke.

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