Reasons to Make Grilled Pizza Now

Summer is here and with it, grilling season, but sometimes you might get the urge for another classic American dish that doesn’t require hours over a fire: that is, pizza. But with all the hot weather, who wants to fire up an oven to 450 degrees inside the house?

Luckily, your backyard grill is a perfect substitute for the oven–maybe even a step up when it comes to pizza–and with just a little practice, you’ll never want to go back to oven-baked pizza! Grills do a better job of mirroring the effects of traditional wood-fired ovens with their high heat and real flame, making it possible for you to easily capture the essence of rustic pizza at home.

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All About Injecting Meat

Injecting meat is a great way to deliver flavor that goes deep down into the cut. Unlike sauces, marinades and rubs that only enhance the meat’s surface, injecting will allow people to get spices, herbs and fat inside the meat without having to wait for it to marinate. People can get the flavor and tenderness that they want without the safety concerns,waste and issues with space in the refrigerator. Injecting can also put flavor into meat in a matter of seconds unlike curing and brining that can take quite a long time.

The first step to getting started injecting meat is choosing the right injector. These usually look like large needles and are generally made of either plastic or stainless steel. These are used for injecting liquid seasonings like melted butter and broth. People who would like to inject thicker ingredients should use a wide mouth injector that often comes with a spike that is used to make holes in the meat. The seasonings are injected into the holes for better flavoring.

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