Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue 30-inch Ultimate Grill Cleaning Brush Review

Grill BrushFall, Winter, and Spring are long gone and it is Summer now which means that there is more sunshine and warmer temperatures to allow you more of a chance to spend your precious time outside with your friends and with your family! Some of our favorite Summer memories stem from 4th of July gatherings– people of all ages crowding around tables that are adorned with plastic utensils and paper plates and bowls of potato salads– impatiently waiting for Dad to finish cooking the BBQ on the grill. Perhaps the BBQ would have been served sooner if Dad had been using the Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue 30-inch Ultimate Grill Cleaning Brush to clean the grill with before he started cooking.

This cleaning brush, popularized by the American culinary artist/grill god, Steven Raichlen, is perfect for any grilling equipment connoisseur what with its 30-in long handle– optimal for anyone who fears being burned by the flames. This defining feature allows for great leverage and keeps you a safe distance away from the fire. Another quality of this brush that is convenient for anyone with a knack for BBQ, is the removable 8-inch wide head with bristles made of fine brass and stainless steel. The brass and stainless steel material prevent the brush head from rusting– ensuring its survival rate– making certain that it can be used for many cookouts to come.

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How to Grill Sausages: Contain Flare-Ups

sausage flare upGrill Delicious Sausages without Flare-ups
Nothing can be more irresistible than the aroma of grilled sausages wafting through the air. With such a wide variety of sausages from which to choose, these meats create great entrees for the summer BBQ season. Many grilling chefs avoid sausages due to grill flare-ups. There are ways to avoid this.

Why Sausages on the Grill Cause Flare-ups
Depending on the type of meat used in the sausage casings, flare-ups are a result of the naturally high fat content in meat. Pork sausages have the highest natural fat content and tend to flare up more quickly than beef, turkey or chicken sausages. Turkey and chicken sausages have the least natural fat content. It’s important to grill sausages over a grill with a lower temperature. For charcoal grills, put sausages on the grill after other grilled meats or veggies when the heat of briquettes has waned. With a gas or electric grill, grill over a medium flame.

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