The Fat Cap Debate: Up or Down?

brisketThe fat cap of the brisket is the source of so much deliciousness. Conventional belief is that when smoking the brisket, it is placed on the grill with the fat cap up. It is believed that the fat will melt as it cooks, basting the meat and making the finished product more tender and tasty. However, many people say that it is actually best to put the fat cap down. In fact, many competitions are won by those who smoke their brisket this way.

As the debate continues, there are some who say that the best way is to actually flip the meat every two to three hours, or even just split the time evenly between up and down. Since great brisket requires a good amount of time and money investment, competitors and home cooks alike are asking themselves; which way will yield the best brisket?

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How to use a cooking diary

notebookA cooking diary is a popular way to track your success as you enjoy barbecuing, grilling, open fire cooking, and other outdoor cooking methods. While at first you may wonder why it is necessary to note down so many smaller details, in time you will be able to use those same details to discern why some cooking methods delivered better results than others. This post will teach you to begin and use your own cooking diary.

Creating Your Cooking Diary
The first step is to create a customized cooking diary for your personal use. You can search online to find a number of free templates you can copy or download. Or you can simply uses these templates as a guideline to create your own one-of-a-kind cooking diary. As you continue, you may find you need to add additional notes, or that some notations do not seem to be important for the success of your recipes.

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